CHESHYRE HERE Well, I've had the honor and privilege to have made a number of soundtracks to Krinkels' Madness Combat series. In the beginning, Krinkels and I were just kids when he birthed that legendary series and was in its infancy. I was then given the absolute honor of creating soundtracks for his animations. Through the the years I was also asked to create the original soundtrack to Krinkels' first flash based game: Madness: Project Nexus (Classic). And through this experience he met Locknar. Togerher, along with the brilliant coding mind of Swain, we released a brand new version of Madness: Project Nexus on Steam! I've had some success releasing my own albums on Bandcamp and Newgrounds until I found CDbaby to distribute them for me! I just recently passed the 30k subscriber mark on YouTube, where I often live stream and upload free songs for the growing number of those that Floob. You can find me on Patreon where you'll be able to enjoy a lot of behind the scenes videos of my music making process. Cheshland, my newest and ongoing album is coming to YouTube free of charge. And Madness Day 2022 is coming September 22nd! SiN 3 is on the horizon as well. With Love and Respect, Chesh. Oh, Mc952 just dropped. Floob on.
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